APM Pro Red A4 Sheet 3mill

Most humidity resistant photo resist film - Easy carrier sheet removal - Eliminates blotting step - Fast exposure 30 sec. for 3 & 5 mil - No special room lighting required - Excellent for color filling & multi-level sandcarving - Superior detail capabilities ----- ImagePro Red is the latest photo resist addition to the rapidly growing PhotoBrasive film family. This precision-coated photo resist film is designed to repel moisture in high humidity areas of the world, provide accelerated drying times and easy carrier removal. ImagePro Red boasts fast exposure, fine line resolution capabilities and sandblast durability. Furthermore, if you would like to spice up your decorative sandcarving with a little color filling, the peelability of ImagePro Red makes it the product of choice.

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Product Code: PS3
Stock Status: 435 pcs

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